Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Deja Vu all over again

Happy Birthday, USA!

We are back at Infinity Coach in Sumner, WA (map).

The guys in Harrisburg managed to get all our new flooring in place by yesterday afternoon, and, up to that point, we had been mulling over in our heads where we were going to park over the July 4th holiday. At 5:30, when the last piece of furniture was bolted back down, I called Infinity to see if they might be open at the end of this week, to help us get some more trim in place where the carpet removal had left voids, and also to try to finally seal this leak over the front cap.

Much to my surprise, they told me they would be open this morning, until 1pm, and then again on Friday, but closed tomorrow. Wanting to have plenty of buffer, we made the decision to high-ball up here yesterday evening. We made it as far as the Washington rest area at MM54 (map), where we hit the hay around 11:30. (There is no "camping" in WA rest areas, but they allow stays of up to eight hours in vehicles, so it works well as a sleep stop.) We had also stopped at the rest area at MM13, which has a dump station, to empty our tanks. We finished the last 90 miles this morning, arriving around 9:30.

So we will be here over the holiday, and through Friday afternoon. I'm supposed to call our painter, Mike Wilson, in Eugene on Friday to see if he will be able to squeeze us in on Monday and Tuesday, in which case we will be heading right back the way we came over the weekend. Unfortunately, if he can't fit us, we're going to miss him entirely, because will we have to leave soon afterwards for Lake Tahoe, where we need to be on the 14th. If that's the case, we will have to have the paint touch-up done by Coach Specialties in Alameda when we go back there to address the window leaks.

All of us here aboard Odyssey wish you a pleasant holiday.

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