Saturday, November 27, 2004

Now that Odyssey is "finished" and we've been on the road for a couple months, I guess it's time to get motivated to start posting some things to the 'blog. A lot has happened, and it's tempting to try to write it all up and post it as a massive update. That always seems like a daunting task, though, and what I have learned while putting together the web site is that I'll never get anything posted at all if I wait until I can put together a "complete" posting (whatever that is).

I've settled, instead, for keeping to bite-size chunks, and I'll start out in this post with just a quick update on where we are today. As time permits, I'll try to "fill in" some of the earlier history (hoping that Blogger will let me back-date the posts and display them in the proper sequence).

So without further fanfare I will announce that we are this evening parked at the Sam's Club in Pleasantville, NJ (just outside of Atlantic City). Every time we park in a Walmart or Sam's parking lot, Louise always tells me I take her to all the best places...

We're not here, by the way, to visit Atlantic City. In fact, other than the brief glimpse of the casinos in the distance that we caught on our way here, we don't intend to take in any of the nearby glitz. It just turned out to be where we were at dusk on our way south on US route 9. We are on the way to Cape May to catch the ferry to Delaware. Tomorrow we'll drive south along the New Jersey coast, and hope to catch a ferry somewhere around mid-day. I have my fingers crossed that we are far enough from NYC and DC that the post-Thanksgiving traffic will be a non-issue for us. In any case, I expect the ferry will have space available in the earlier part of the day. Stay tuned!

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