Monday, January 3, 2005

Happy New Year, everyone.

We are in Arcadia, FL, having just attended the Bussin' 2005 bus conversion rally here. Something like 180 buses here during the event (though most are gone now). Odyssey was one of three "featured coaches" and we had perhaps 60-70 people tour through our home Saturday. Friday morning, a news crew from the local ABC affiliate came and interviewed us for a brief news segment on the rally. We met with reporter Brad Griffin. I understood that it aired on the 5:30 news, but we have no way to receive local channels so we could not see it. Drop us a note if you see us on the news!

The flu that we caught on our cruise lingered until Friday for me, and Saturday for Louise. Yuck.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Walt Disney World. We will spend five nights at Disney's own campground there, "Fort Wilderness." That gets us the same priveleges as their hotel properties (trams to the parks, and early admission). Plus, we understand the campground itself is pretty nice. I'll let you know.

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