Friday, January 28, 2005

Today I received the very first "comment" posted to the blog since I enabled them a few days ago. It was posted by Sk8RN, who writes:

"What kind of pets are you traveling with? How are they faring the trip?"

These and other questions, along with many things you probably don't want to know, are found at our main web site, which can be accessed by clicking the link at right for "Our bus adventure site".

The main site is a bit out of date, as several pages refer to Odyssey as still being under construction. I am trying to update the site as time permits, including posting the oft-requested interior pictures (good news here: I finally took some, but they are still in the camera). I'll post an announcement here on the blog anytime I update the site.

One of the settings here at Blogspot that I changed was to add this blog to the directory. It occurs to me that this means some folks will come here before ever seeing the OurOdyssey.US site. Perhaps I will add some sort of "read this first" link here as well.

1 comment:

  1. I'll be the second commenter. I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for your frequent postings, and for letting us peek into your unusual and interesting lives.

    I'm doubling my knowledge of busses more often than I can keep track of, and now I even know what a Voith Schneider® Propeller is (with help from Google).

    I'm a high school classmate of Louise. When the bus visited our place in Nov '04, it created quite a buzz in the neighborhood!


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