Monday, January 31, 2005

Today we drove US90 from Del Rio to Marathon. En-route we made a quick stop at the Amistad Dam, walked out to the middle, and stepped across into Mexico. This is definitely the spot to drive into Mexico (or back to the US). In contrast to other border crossings we've seen, this one was deserted. The customs and immigration folks are standing around with their hands in their pockets. Perhaps one car crossed each ten minutes or so, in either direction.

We had hoped to find a coin laundry in Sanderson, but no such luck, so we pressed on to Marathon, where we hoped the commercial RV park would have one. They didn't, but referred us to one in town. This turned out to be a small wood shack with a tin roof, containing two washers and two dryers, at $2 per load each. Unfortunately, all the machines were in use and we opted to just hold off until we are in Big Bend, where, we've heard, they have one. I almost took a picture of the place, it was so comical.

We had a nice dinner in town at the one AAA-rated restaurant, inside the historic Gage Hotel, which turned out to be a real gem. After which we retired here to the RV park (map), which was kind enough to give us a $5 rate since we are using neither hookups nor their facilities.

Tomorrow we will be in Big Bend National Park, where we hope to spend a few nights. That is, unless we get stuck here in the snow that is supposed to fall tonight.

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