Thursday, February 17, 2005

We are at the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley National Park (map). We spent a pleasant night in the hotel here, and enjoyed dinner and breakfast in the dining room. The highlight of this hotel, for me, though, is the swimming pool, fed from a hot spring that runs a constant 85 degrees year-round.

None of the hotels in Death Valley allows pets, but we have the secret inside knowledge: there is exactly one room at the Inn that has its own, immediately adjacent parking (a large dirt lot, plenty big for Odyssey). That room happens to the the "pool side bungalow," which, though a bit more expensive than the other rooms, is also the only room that opens on to the aforementioned pool.

The adjacent parking allowed us to leave the beasts in Odyssey while we enjoyed the hotel, but still provided easy opportunity to walk the dog, check on everybody, and use our satellite internet connection.

In a few minutes we will be departing this lovely property, bound for the park service campground only a mile away.

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