Saturday, April 16, 2005

We're again at the Blue Water Casino, near Parker, AZ (map).

We left Imperial Dam yesterday and headed east through the army's Yuma Proving Ground to US95, which also runs through the proving ground. That brought us north into Quartzsite, where we fueled up. Finally out of California, we put in more than half a tank at a reasonable $2.32 per gallon (it was nearly $2.70 in CA). Still, we did not get out of the truck stop without dropping $450.

From Quartzite, we continued north on AZ95, which is the same route we followed in February on our way into CA. We stayed here at the casino then, too, and found their restaurant to be worthwhile, so we decided on a return visit. Louise remarked on our way in that it was strange for us to be making a repeat stop here, of all places, considering how many recreation sites there are along the Colorado.

We are glad to be out of California once again. We've been there for two solid months, which is a good visit.

In a few minutes, we will leave here, heading for Kingman. Our next scheduled stop is the Bus Conversion Rally at the Grand Canyon Caverns, east of Peach Springs on old route 66. Kingman will be our last opportunity to stock up on provisions at a major grocery store and perhaps find a nice laundromat to get the laundry done. After that, we will be heading up to Lake Mead NRA for a day or too before heading to the rally, and there are no cities between the two.

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  1. $450 for a tank of fuel!! Wow, how long does it last?


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