Monday, May 16, 2005

This morning somone posted comments on Saturday's post regarding shore power issues. So let me state for the record that, yes, I am aware the post was arcane -- the intended audience was other bus nuts who are grappling with how to wire their coaches. And to respond to the specific comment, I'm probably not up for writing any books just at the moment, and, besides, there are already a lot of good references out there, either in print, or here on the web. (Maybe a more realistic goal is for me to collect some links to these references and put up a links section on our main site.) That being said, I do give electrical wiring seminars at the major bus rallies, the next one being Bus'n'USA in Rickreall, Oregon, July 7-10. I am more than happy to go into great detail about shore power and/or other "electricity for beginners" subjects either in the seminar, or off-line at the rally. So come to Bus'n'USA!

I don't have anything to report today on the engine rebuilding front. The shop has other priorities today and we are not being worked on (I knew this would be the case as of the end of the day Saturday). I do still have every confidence that they will have us out of here by Friday, as promised.

I will, though, report on some changes in our plans. First of all, you may recall that I wrote we would be taking in some of the local attractions during our down-time here. However, Louise came down with some kind of cold/flu thing on Friday and has been down for the count ever since. So we've pretty much kept to the coach since arriving. I've been out on errands, and we made it out this weekend to do laundry (PEDCO generously lent us a truck for the weekend), but we haven't been anyplace else. If we're both feeling better later this week, perhaps we will still make it to Disneyland.

I also wrote that Louise was going to fly up to San Jose tomorrow for a family visit, returning next Saturday. While there is a very slim chance that may still happen, it probably won't, because she's still recovering from the aforementioned cold, and the last thing we want to do is send a virus to her family (not to mention 200+ people on an airplane). It's too bad, really, because we cashed in miles for the ticket (and, can you believe, they now charge $75 for the privilege of doing this?), and neither the miles nor the fees are refundable. That being said, the family visit still needs to happen. So, at least as of this writing, it looks like we will be heading to San Jose from here as soon as the engine work is done.

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