Friday, May 6, 2005

We are at W.W. Williams, the Detroit Diesel/Allison dealer in Phoenix (map).

We arrived here late last night, after returning from Cancun and dining with our good friend Jack, who was kind enough to pick us up at the airport. We decided to overnight here in their parking lot so we would be first in line for drive-in service this morning at 7:00. We were, indeed, first in line, but it's after 9 now and we are still in the parking lot. Drive-ins are apparently squeezed in as available on the day's schedule. We could not do a scheduled appointment because that involves leaving the coach with them for some indeterminate time period.

The pets are still at the kennel, which is just as well, since we would not be able to be with them in the coach while it is being serviced. With any luck, we will be done and out of here before the kennel closes this afternoon.

Louise has already posted some photos from our resort in Cancun. We had a great time -- very relaxing, and we didn't think about the bus even once (other than to describe it to people). We did have a brief moment of panic on our way to the airport last week: in preparation for our departure, I very carefully powered down all but the most essential electric items on the coach, these latter being the fridge, one vent fan on automatic, and the air compressor. I also carefully set up the autostart sequencer and limits on the genny, in case these three items drew the batteries down too much in the Arizona heat. Just before the cab arrived to pick us up at 5:30am, I shut the generator off (it had been running since 4 just to top the batteries off) and forgot to set it to "Auto" and set it to "Off" instead. I spent the flight to Dallas mulling over the battery drain rates and math, and decided we could probably go for a week without the genny. Turns out we did fine, using only 400 amp-hours for the week.

I'd post a bunch of stuff about what we did in Cancun, but the rule is that what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico :-) We do have a nice photo of Louise and three girlfriends dancing on the bar at Senor Frogs, but we need to get it scanned in before we can post it.

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