Thursday, June 2, 2005

We're at Dos Reis county park, on the Sacramento river (map).

We had a nice family visit in the bay area, and pulled out late yesterday afternoon. We then made a brief stop at Les Schwab in Livermore to have a couple of low tires topped off. By the time we got back onto the highway, we were in the thick of the afternoon commute. This park, which is off I-5 just north of where 205 comes in, was in a handy spot when we were ready to stop.

Interestingly, the park is not in any of our directories, nor is there a sign on the freeway. I remembered it from having stayed here many years ago on my way to a motorcycle rally, but when I suggested it as a good stopping point, Louise wouldn't believe it even existed, with no evidence in either the directories or the maps. Once we got here, though, it turned out to be better than I remembered it. I'll let the photos that Louise took, below, speak for themselves.

We are heading east, over the Sierra Nevada range and into Reno. We'll then pick up US-50, which will take us all the way to Salt Lake, where we will have the satellite dish repaired. This stretch of US-50 is billed as "the loneliest highway in America" (it isn't really, though -- we've done it more than once on our motorcycles, and we've found many other roads to be more deserted than 50) and we are looking forward to getting off the interstate and back on to 2-lane blacktop.

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