Friday, July 8, 2005

Howdy from Bus'n'USA at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall, Oregon (map).

We arrived late yesterday afternoon after a pleasant and uneventful drive over highways 126, 20, and 22 from central Oregon. Being a full day early, we thought we would check out the situation at the fairgrounds, then go get Odyssey washed and maybe do some laundry before settling back in.

We were amazed to find the fairgrounds more than half full with coaches. Given that there were a limited number of power hookups, and they were going fast, we decided to forego the washing and get parked straight away.

We were able to get a nice spot with ample power, and even a spigot to fill the hot tub. We set up camp yesterday, and today we pulled out one of the bikes and I was able to give Odyssey a half-hearted bucket wash just to make her a bit more presentable for the show.

We've reconnected with many old friends, including the folks from Infinity Coach, and have made some new ones as well. Several people have introduced themselves as readers of this blog.

It turns out the "disappearance" of my seminar was a mixup involving a schedule from last year's rally remaining posted until last week. So I am not on the schedule, and I apologize to anyone who was hoping to attend. If I can find a way to do it, I might try to host some kind of "round-table" session on our patio after hours.

The fairgrounds are nearly full tonight, and there are so many people here they ran short of food at the hot-dog feed this evening. I have not heard the total coach count, but it looks like it will be in excess of 200.

Tomorrow the seminars and exhibits open, and we will try to get the coach in shape for anyone who wants to drop in and check it out.

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