Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula

We had a pleasant two-night stay at Black River Harbor. Yesterday we mostly rested in camp, though we did do a moderately strenuous bike ride combined with a fair bit of hiking (actually, stair climbing) to visit several of the waterfalls along the Black River.

We also wandered down to the actual harbor, a small affair operated by the forest service and staffed by a concessionaire. I was amused to note that if Odyssey had been a boat, it would have cost us $20 to moor her overnight, so the $12 we paid in the campground was a relative bargain.

After returning this morning to US-2, we soon veered north again to the lake, and on to the Keweenaw peninsula. I say peninsula because that is what it is generally called, but completion in the 1860s of the Portage Lake Ship Canal actually made most of it into an island.

After crossing the Portage Canal Lift Bridge and traversing the western/northern shoreline of the peninsula on Lake Shore Drive, we landed here at Fort Wilkins State Park (map). We have a nice site overlooking Fanny Hooe Lake, which is just across the road from Copper Harbor on Lake Superior.

Fierce winds today along the big lake, and I couldn't get the lyrics to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald out of my head. Although a few August gusts hardly constitute the Witch of November...

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