Monday, August 15, 2005

Well, we finally made it here to Minot, ND (map) and the FMCA convention. Our arrival was uneventful, although the parking crew has positioned us in such a way that we are highly visible to everyone who enters or leaves the lot. This has generated a good deal of foot traffic around Odyssey, as folks from all over the lot come by for a look. The good news is that we are off by ourselves, with quite a bit of room to spread out, in contrast to the vast majority of coaches that are lined up several feet apart like tin soldiers. I was even able to track down the water guy, who agreed to sell me 200 gallons to fill the YachTub.

We spent last night about 130 miles west of here at Lewis and Clark State Park, on Lake Sakakawea, part of the Missouri River (map). It was a nice park, with a decent campground. We did not fit in the primitive sites, so we ended up with a hookup site, even though we didn't really need the juice, The fire "rings" have cutouts of the now ubiquitous Lewis and Clark icons in the sides, and the piece of metal thus removed is standing vertically in the center as a log prop. Amusing, but I can imagine the fellow who had to make all the cutouts didn't think so. I'm sorry we didn't take a photo.

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