Saturday, September 3, 2005

Near Ann Arbor

Yesterday, after crossing the Mackinac Bridge (RV speed limit: 20mph!), we followed US-23 down the eastern shore of the lower peninsula, merging back onto I-75 at Saginaw Bay.

As we drove along the coast, we noted that the vast majority of resorts, motels, and campgrounds already had their "No Vacancy" signs out. As is often the case on holiday weekends, we have resigned ourselves to a few days of urban assault camping.

We had a nice visit with Steve from Cushing-Malloy Printers, one of Louise's suppliers when she owned Information Publications, here in the Ann Arbor area. Since we have some additional business in the area, we then headed here to the Wal-Mart in New Hudson (map).

The additional business is to track down some grave sites at a nearby cemetery for Louise's step-dad. After that, we will head south and west, threading our way between major metropolitan areas as we leave the great lakes region.

It was pointed out to us this morning that our main web site, OurOdyssey.US, is off-line right now. The ISP that hosts the site for us is located in New Orleans, and their facility is completely off the air right now, naturally. I do not have any schedule for when the site may be back on-line. The links to those pages, on the right margin of this blog, do not work at the moment. Our companion photo site,, is still working.

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