Friday, September 16, 2005

A week of unscheduled downtime

We are still at the Beaumont Elks.

When we landed here Monday afternoon, after some unscheduled maintenance, we had hoped to check in with the local Red Cross shelter to see if we could help out for the week. However, as we turned in on Monday night, we both felt symptoms of impending sickness.

Sure enough, on Tuesday morning, I had a sore throat, and Louise was down for the count. I never progressed beyond the sore throat stage (though it is still a bit sore today), while she had a full-blown flu.

In addition to feeling too crummy to do anything, we certainly did not want to bring our virus to a shelter, so we have remained cooped up in Odyssey right here at the lodge.

Now that she is starting to feel a bit better, we need to be heading toward Illinois. On top of that, we are completeley out of groceries, and our waste tanks are full, since we have literally not moved from this spot since Monday, and we had not planned to be stopped for this long.

We are in the process of packing up right now, and will head out shortly. Our route will take us back through Louisiana and up into Arkansas.

Opal, meanwhile, has made a nearly complete recovery. She is her usual self, except for the last vestiges of the skin condition, which continues to make her itch. The pathology on that came back yesterday, but was completely uninformative, so we are chalking it up to whatever toxicosis caused the other symptoms. In the meantime, she will need to wear her cone until the itching stops.

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