Sunday, October 2, 2005

Fixed and broken; family found

Sean managed to fix the camera, but break his computer, which is much more serious. He thinks the disk drive has gone bad. All his data is there, but only intermittantly accessible. While he works on this problem, his blog posts will be on hold.

Of course, I'm sure it seems like we stop posting when we stop traveling, because, well, that's true. We've been here in Du Quoin for over a week and don't have too much to report. We have taken four Red Cross classes, met some very nice people, attended a potluck, gotten rained on, listened to flat track motorcycle races in the background here at the fairgrounds, and generally had a productive time. Opal seems to be completely recovered from her illness, although her fur will take some time to grow back so she is pretty ratty looking. She's certainly feeling uppity enough to lunge and say four-letter words to all the other dogs here in the campground.

One of the couples here at the training came up to me, waving their hands and pointing at their nametags: Caroline and Jerry Hornor. They had never met anyone outside their immediate family who also spelled the last name with two o's. I never have, either, so we exchanged hugs and became instant family. They have been in West Virginia for many generations, and my Hornors have been in California for that long, so any common ancestors must be quite a ways back. They did say they had traced the name to the 1700's coming from England.

I took a lousy photo of their rig, but if you click on it to enlarge it, the name Hornor is visible.

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