Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Superstition Mountains

We are at a free forest service campground in the Tonto National Forest, just west of the mining towns of Globe and Miami, Arizona (map). Considering the Tonto is the most heavily used forest in the system, and that we are only an hour or so from the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale/Mesa metropolis, it is a bit surprising to find such a nice spot, and free to boot. From a nearby hill we can see that there are other campers here, but we can't see a soul from our site. It was a quiet, peaceful, and dark night.

We are somewhat ahead of schedule, which is good, since we have some stops to make in Tempe and Phoenix. From there, we will head northwest on US93 for Kingman. Where we stop tonight will depend on how much time we end up spending in town.

Last night I spent a couple hours catching up on back email that somehow piled up while we were on deployment. I'm pretty sure I have gotten back to everyone now, but some things may have slipped through the cracks. If you sent me an email anytime in the last couple months, and you are still waiting to hear back, drop me another note.

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