Monday, January 2, 2006

Happy New Year

We are at the Elks Lodge in San Jose (map), a regular stop for us when we are in the bay area. We have been here for the past two nights.

After leaving Los Altos, where we had a pleasant and uneventful stay (well, other than the fact that someone pilfered two of our orange cones), we had dinner with friends in Santa Clara before heading to Livermore, where we had an early appointment on Saturday to service our tires. Friday night was wild and wooly, with one of the worst storms to hit northern California in years blowing through town. We parked Odyssey under the covered area behind the Les Schwab store where they work on trucks. That, at least, kept most of the water off the coach, so our several leaks did not plague us that night. The Les Schwab guys had a miserable time working on us in the wind and damp Saturday morning.

In any case, our tires are now rotated, and the valve stem extenders have been replaced with shorter items with integral screens to keep the Equal powder from coming out. We also now have long extensions on the inner duals, and we should be able to adjust our air pressure any time we like. (Prior to this work, the duals needed to come off to be aired up. Really.)

We spent a quiet New Year's eve with close friends in Milpitas, and yesterday was spent running around like crazy visiting as many friends as we could squeeze in. Circumstances require us to leave the bay area this morning, and we have not had a chance to see everyone we'd like. Our apologies if we missed you on this very brief visit. On our next return here we will try to stay put for a couple weeks -- we promise.

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