Tuesday, January 3, 2006


We are at the I-40 rest area and welcome center for the state of New Mexico, just over the Arizona line (map).

Many thanks to reader Kevin S. who answered my plea, and showed me how to get Google to put a push-pin at our location on the map. He also pointed me to a nice site with lots of information about working with the Google map product.

The map link above is one which, I think, most readily shows our general position to our readers. By the way, you can close the call-out balloon (which will reveal more map detail) without the push-pin "bubble" going away. However, there are many variations available. For example, this link is the easiest for me to cut-and-paste into the blog. It has the advantage of showing the satellite view overlayed with the map, but it is also a much tighter zoom level, so there is less context. Of course, the reader can zoom in or out, and select satellite, map, or combined display from either starting point. So I would like to get some feedback from readers: first, do you prefer the Google map to the MapQuest one, and, second, which form of map would you like to see as the starting point on the links I post? Drop me an email, or post a comment here on the blog.


  1. I like the Google Maps. They seem to zoom more quickly than Mapquest, and I like the grab-and-pan feature to look around your locale.

  2. I also like the Google maps, what an awesome tool. Keep up the good work.


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