Thursday, February 23, 2006

No, we did not turn around. This warning sign was posted at either end of several miles of a barrier island road marked "Canopy Route-Trees Protected by County Ordinance." Of course it wasn't marked near the mainland when we could have done something productive such as choose a different route. No, the sign appeared suddenly. At the south entrance to this little house of low branch horrors, there was no possible way to turn around: the road had no shoulders and the narrow driveways only led into yet lower trees. So we soldiered on with Sean driving and me sitting upstairs shouting out clearances. "This one's okay! Swerve left! Prepare for scraping, ooh, ouch!" We stopped to catch our breath at this end and I had a chance to snap a picture. Fortunately, we were clearly not the first tall vehicle to run the gauntlet. The branches were more like 12ft 9in and many were visibly scarred by passing rooftops.

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