Monday, March 27, 2006

Comments akimbo

We are still at the Elks lodge in Austin. We've had a great time touring the city on the extensive and well-run transit system, and have even managed to hit most of the restaurants on our friend Charles' list. We need to head out today to dump our tanks and do laundry -- I'm not sure where we will end up tonight. Louise flies out tomorrow for California, and I will probably try to park behind Lowe's to get some projects done.

I have received quite a number of private emails, along with a couple of comments posted here on blogspot, regarding various aspects of Friday's extremely lengthy post. In hindsight, I should have posted each of the various topics that day separately, so that I could link to them later individually. If I get the time in the next day or so, I may go back and break it up into several discreet posts. I'm not sure what that will do to those of you who get this blog via RSS -- I apologize in advance if you end up getting the whole tract all over again, in small pieces. In any case, thanks, everyone, for your support.

In other news, we are the "Member Spotlight" this month on the FMCA web site.

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  1. Hey guys - I had to skip over the lenghty post and leave it unread for later anyway. So if you redo it I'll never know! With more than 300 feeds I just can't keep up.

    Congrats on the FMCA feature. Now, Louise, I TOLD you to drape a piece of black velvet to cover that cr*p on that dash darnit! :)

    Is it just when you're in TX, or WHAT?! LOL


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