Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back along the Rio Grande

We are at Seminole Canyon State Historic Park, along the Rio Grande at the confluence of the Pecos (map).  We are very close to where we stayed last year, on the Amistad reservoir, but this time it was 100 degrees when we arrived and we wanted electricity to run our air conditioners.  The park here has only 30 amps, so we could only run two units, but it was enough to keep us comfortable.

Yesterday morning found us at a nice highway rest area, between Valentine and Marfa along US90 (map).  US90 is desolate and lightly traveled through this part of Texas, so imagine our surprise to come across "Prada Marfa," an art installation in the middle of nowhere that looks just like a chic suburban boutique (more informative link).

We also passed one of the blimp-like Tethered Aerostat Radar System balloons, used for border surveilance.  Larger than Goodyear's blimps, actually, even though they look like barrage ballons from a distance.

Today we should end up in San Antonio, where we will spend a few days being tourists.

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