Monday, May 29, 2006

Back in a week...

Well, our bags are packed, Odyssey is well-parked and buttoned up, and our friends here in Houston will be taking us to the airport first thing in the morning.  We'll be off email and the blog until we get back next Saturday.

We'll have plenty of time to catch up when we return, since we can't pick our pets back up until Monday morning.  Then we're off to Austin again, where we are signed up to help teach the next batch of Red Cross volunteers about Response Technology, just in time for hurricane season.

Talk to y'all in a week...

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  1. datastormusers map shows you in Cancun, so I guess you made it. Head down about 60 miles to PaaMul. It is beautiful, quiet and tranquil. Might change your mind about taking your RV into Mexico. :) PaaMul is about 10km south of Playa del Carmen on the main highway and north of Tulum.


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