Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fort Stockton

We are at the only Wal-Mart for a hundred miles in any direction, in Fort Stockton (map).  We had hoped to spend tonight at Balmorhea State Park, another hour west of here.  However, last night turned out to be phone-call intensive, and we struggled mightily with marginal cell coverage.  (In fact, I had arranged for the satellite people to call me this morning to change birds, and their call never came through -- I will have to wait until Monday to change satellites.)  We did not want to take the chance that we would again be out of coverage -- the state park is a good distance from the town of Balmorhea.  So we opted to stop here instead.

The state park will have to wait for our next tour through this area -- we want to be in El Paso tomorrow night.  We have several errands to run there before settling in to the RV park in Las Cruces, and we want to be close to an airport, in case Louise needs to hop back to California in the next few days.

We are now just eight days from our grand Mexican adventure.

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