Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Inching our way to Las Cruces

This morning found us at another Wal-Mart, this one a bit further along I-10, and conveniently sharing a parking lot with Home Depot (map).  This was important, as our big project yesterday was to replace the fried wires on the genny mains.  While we were at Home Depot, we also took the opportunity to remove the U-Line ice maker, and install Mr. Freeze in the bay.  By mid-day, someone had already contacted us about taking the U-Line, and he picked it up today right after lunch (at the adjacent Dave's Famous Bar-B-Que -- quite good actually).

This Wal-Mart was also a short walk from Leo's, a local Mexican restaurant where the food was delicious, and the Margaritas sweet, the way I like them -- we had dinner there last night.  It was also a short walk from the post office, where I needed to pick up some Priority Mail supplies, and just a few blocks from a UPS store.  This afternoon, we shipped out six of the seven items we listed for sale on eBay (I am awaiting payment on the seventh, or I would have sent that one too).

We made a pilgrimage this afternoon to the Albertson's we found on our first visit to El Paso, and stocked up on essentials for our trip, including plenty of margarita mix.  Tonight we are at Camping World, located within American RV & Marine (map).  We stopped in to see if they had an auto-transformer (they do) for stepping up under-spec voltages.  We are contemplating purchasing one, in anticipation of sub-par electric service in Mexico.  Frankly, there have been a few times here in the US when it would have come in handy.  They are an outrageous $360, though, so we are sleeping on it.  I already knew they did not stock the ladder we were hoping to buy -- we're going to head into Mexico without it, on the theory that a suitable ladder will be found among the 23 other rigs on the trip.

They have a campground here, where, for $25, we could get power and water, but boondocking in the parking lot is free.

Tomorrow, I will call around to see if I can find someone to spin-balance the tires.  If not, I will have Camping World rotate them, at least.

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