Sunday, October 8, 2006

Mexico, here we come

We are at the Hacienda RV resort in Las Cruces (map), the rendezvous point for our 38-day Mexico Piggyback/Ferry caravan adventure.  As our friends Ron and Judie commented on yesterday's post, we are hoping all the bad luck and mechanical troubles are behind us, and we have a nice, relaxing trip.

Today is actually the first official day of the tour.  Yesterday we met the waggonmasters and tailgunners, signed more paperwork, and did a survey about the mechanical condition of the rig.  This morning we had a nice continental breakfast provided by the campground (more on this in a moment), followed by a two-hour briefing and get-acquainted session, where we met the other 17 couples on the tour.  We have the afternoon free to do final preparations, and tonight's group activity is a pizza party at 5pm.  Tomorrow morning we will leave here at 06:45 (we opted for the second wave -- the first group leaves at 06:00), en route to the Santa Teresa port of entry.

The Hacienda resort turns out to be fairly nice.  The sites are not really remarkable, crushed gravel with modern service pedestals, and no vegetation to speak of (although we are at the end of a row, and so have a small picnic table and some bushes on one side of us), and fairly close together,  The club house, however, is reminiscent of the lobby area of a nice hotel, with comfortable chairs, a reading room, laundry facility, conference rooms, and the aforementioned breakfast area, where continental breakfast is served daily (though we will leave tomorrow before service starts).  Breakfast items included cereals, bagels, toast, hard boiled eggs, and fruit, similar to what is provided now at many business hotels.

There is no pool, but later we will check out the large hot tub.  Today's meeting was in their new rally facility -- basically, a permanent tent structure -- which was too close to the freeway, making it hard to hear what was being said.  We all would have fit nicely into the indoor, air conditioned conference rooms in the main building -- I have to assume that those rent for more money.

My next post here will be from Mexico.

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