Sunday, November 12, 2006

Circling the wagons

We are in Cataviña (map), at what passes for an RV park.  It is actually a large open field with a few trees here and there.  There are also a handful of trash cans, and exactly one water spigot of unknown quality.

Rather than park us in neat rows, the caravan staff had us park nose-to-tail in a large circle, reminiscent of Conestoga wagon trains as they camped along the Oregon Trail, or perhaps just Hollywood's depiction thereof.  In the center of the circle there were a couple of trees and a makeshift fire ring, and here we set up tables and chairs and hat a pot-luck dinner followed by s'mores around the campfire.  Everyone, ourselves included, took the opportunity to cook up the last of their pork and chicken products, which can not cross the border back into the US.  Everything was quite tasty.

The captive audience also made this a good stop to offer tours of Odyssey for those who've been asking about it, and we had perhaps half the group come through.

Today's drive was quite scenic, although the road was once again rather narrow, making for some hair-raising moments as 18-wheelers passed us.  We are also seeing more and more support vehicles for the Baja 1000.  We passed from Baja California Sur to Baja California (often called Baja California Norté) right after leaving Guerrero Negro.  Crossing the state line necessitated an agricultural inspection, and also put us in a different time zone.  We are now on Pacific Time.

Tomorrow we will return to the Pacific coast in the colonia of Vicente Guerrero.

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