Sunday, January 21, 2007

The big show...

Well, we made it to the big RV show yesterday -- what a zoo. We did not spend any time looking at rigs in the outdoor exhibits: with Odyssey finished, there isn't much we are going to learn-and-adopt from new rigs, and we're certainly not in the market for one. We did, however, traverse the entirety of the Big Tent.

Mostly it was the same old stuff, with many vendors we've seen at other shows such as FMCA and the Escapade. Here, though, there is a much higher ratio of crap-no-one-needs. Sort of a combination RV products/Crafts/Herbal Medicine show. I did pick up a new cell phone case (my old one was disintegrating), and Louise bought some seat covers for our driver/navigator seats downstairs, which are starting to show their age, as well as being sticky in hot weather. We also found a gallon of TranSynd at the Spartan Chassis booth, and I snapped it up, since we are forever trying to find it at the worst possible times, and almost no one carries it.

I was a bit disappointed that there was only one solar panel vendor in the tent, and they didn't have any panels bigger than 150 watts. We may try to catch up with some of the other solar vendors that are planted here in the area for the season. We are still looking for a pair of ~175-watt panels.

We've had a relaxing few days here, and I even managed to catch up on a couple of projects, along with a two-month backlog of email. Even with all the rigs here, the desert is quiet and afforded us the opportunity to recharge. That being said, we don't need to do the whole Quartzsite "thing" again, and I expect we would only return here in high season if we do so as part of a group (such as we did this time with the DOVEs). Even then, we'd think twice: the Quartzsite desert in January has most of the disadvantages of a large RV park, with none of the conveniences.

Today we will try to catch up with a couple of people we know who
happen to be in Quartzsite at the moment, and tomorrow we will break camp and head out. Our next stop will be W. W. Williams, either in Phoenix or Tucson.

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