Monday, January 15, 2007

A familiar stop

We are at the Bluewater Casino (map), along the Colorado River, on the lands of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. This is a familiar spot for us, and it was convenient to our route, being a short detour from AZ95 in Parker, where we crossed the river from CA62. Also, we like the restaurant here.

I will say that we've never seen so many rigs here: I would guess that we were among 30 or so last night. The combination of a holiday weekend and the proximity to the epicenter of snowbird wintering grounds makes for a high-density camping experience. I expect this will get worse as we approach Quartzsite.

Interestingly, as we pulled in and were leveling up for the night, a pair of familiar faces approached. A couple that was with us on our Mexico caravan is here, and they recognized Odyssey as we entered the lot.

Today we will stock up on groceries in Parker, then head down to Quartzsite to search for our group. We are a couple of days early, but I'm betting we will not be the first on site. I'd like to get settled in, and maybe get a couple of projects done before the party starts.

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