Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bleaky day in King City

We are in King City, California, at the San Lorenzo County Park (map). We stopped briefly yesterday at Delaney & Ahlf, who were too busy to work on the ECM. Tim Ahlf did agree to make some calls to Detroit Diesel to see if he could get any advice on our particular symptom, and I hope to hear back from him next week.

I thought about stopping at Valley Power just down the street, but we were done with Bakersfield and so we just continued on down the Rosedale Highway all the way to CA-33. We decided to jump over to 101 on 46, rather than slog up the central valley, and we ended up here, in King City. This is a nice park, although a little too commercial-RV-park for us. The place is mostly empty, though, so it was peaceful and quiet. This morning, it's been raining on and off, and even hailed for a short while.

We will leave in just a few minutes for San Jose, by way of Gilroy (where we will make a quick outlet-shopping stop, as we both need a few items for our upcoming cruise).

On another note, yesterday's post here was "rejected" by Blogger, who claimed some sort of system problem. I tried three times before giving up, with no results. Of course, I learned only later that all three tries did ultimately post, so apologies to anyone who got three of yesterday's update in their RSS feed.

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