Friday, May 25, 2007

Biding time

We are at the Burien Elks Lodge, near the Sea-Tac airport (map).

We came here because we want to have dinner tonight at the Columbia Tower Club, in Seattle, and this lodge is adjacent to a bus line which gets us nearly door-to-door on a single city bus, for $1.25 ($2.00 during "peak" hours). In just a few minutes we will hop on the bus.

It turns out that there is also an Enterprise car rental right across the street, a fact which we will file away for future use. It's also a nice lodge, and they serve three squares a day -- we'll try them out for breakfast in the morning.

The lodge has eight brand-spanking-new RV spaces with full hookups, and $15 gets us 50 amps of power for the night. The current satellite imagery reveals a different layout, and I surmise that the lodge sold the land that the former 14-space RV area occupied, in the southeast corner of the property, to make way for a brand new senior living complex which now sits to our east. The RV sites were moved here, to the southwest corner of the property.

We are just biding our time now, until we are due at Infinity on Tuesday. We decided not to try to haul ourselves down there today, mostly because of tonight's dinner plans. Over the weekend we will try to hook up with some other folks, including some full-timing friends who happen to be staying in Puyallup.

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