Thursday, May 17, 2007

Curvy Coast

A little footage of our trip up the California and Oregon coast.


  1. Hi,

    The Pacific Coast video is great and the music fits well also.

    By the way, we are part-time RVers and wannabe full-timers who currently own a Class A Monaco Knight. Our plan is to sell or trade the motorhome for a new fifth-wheel RV and new truck so we can go full-time by early 2008.

    We also have to sell our condo in Naples, FL so if you know anyone who might be interested just send them our way!

    Enjoy your journal.

    Safe travels.

    Bill and Linda

  2. Thanks for the great video, i can almost smell the ocean breeze crusing up the highway. We too
    are trying to go full time in 08, and hope to see you on the road sometime. I'll keep some windshield glue on hand!! Steve and Carol


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