Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back at our home park

We are at the Wal-Mart in Chehalis (map).

We awoke this morning to a beautiful day on the coast, in contrast to yesterday's bleakness. It was so sunny and clear that we had a nice view of Destruction Island and its historic lighthouse, perhaps five or six miles away, where yesterday had only been a drab silhouette on the horizon, with only the flashing of the beacon after dusk to betray the lighthouse's presence.

We really didn't want to leave such a lovely spot so soon, but we have to be in Portland tomorrow, and we needed to get underway. With plenty of time, though, we did make a brief side excursion along Quinault Lake, stopping for lunch at a Forest Service picnic area overlooking the lake, half a dozen miles from 101. This afternoon's task involved a quick stop at the outlet center in Centralia -- I needed a couple pairs of khakis, which I buy almost exclusively at VF Outlet, which discounts Wrangler and its various sub-labels.

That led us here to Chehalis, and the last friendly Wal-Mart until we hit the Columbia in Longview. We'll likely cross the river there, just to get off I-5, and take US30 all the way in to Portland. We're nearly out of fuel, so we'll actually overshoot Portland for Troutdale, another ten miles east on I-84, where diesel at the Flying-J is running $2.71 a gallon (it's 25-30 cents more than that here in Washington). I expect to be in quarters at the Gateway Elks lodge by mid-afternoon.

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  1. Just wondering if you have ever used biodiesel in Odyssey?

    If so, how did it run/perform?


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