Friday, June 15, 2007


We are once again at Infinity Coach, in Sumner (map).

The local Truck-Lite rep pulled a rabbit out of the hat and got the replacements for our LED tail lights to Infinity yesterday afternoon, and we came down here to have them installed. It was also a good opportunity to get the upper windshield trim adjusted, as it was not as tight as it should have been when it was redone on our last visit. Everything was done and wrapped up by around 7pm, at which time it was really to late to head out, so we just spent the night here. Infinity has power hookups and a dump station available for customers. As long as we were here, we went out for a nice dinner with Infinity proprietors Bob and Shirley Lewis, who are always gracious hosts.

Speaking of Truck-Lite, we are a bit miffed. We bought our very expensive LED lighting from them at a time when they were so confident in the LED products that they offered a "lifetime" warranty. So far, so good, even if, as always, the replacement labor is not included in the warranty. However, of the three styles of lights we needed to have replaced, two of them are no longer made, and Truck-Lite had to substitute more current (and, IMO, less attractive) products. Also so far, so good -- at least, good enough (I would rather have had direct replacements for what we took out, but, oh well). But, come to find out, Truck-Lite no longer offers a lifetime warranty on these products (gee, I wonder why). What they are now telling me is that the replacement units are only warranted for two years. Now this, I can't tolerate -- we bought lifetime lights, and boy, did we pay dearly for them -- worthwhile, we felt, to never again have to buy a lamp. So I fully expect that Truck-Lite will continue to replace, if needed, any of these lights for as long as we own the vehicle, as per the terms of the original warranty. So readers of this blog, take note: Truck-Lite does not intend to honor its warranties -- I suggest you buy Hella or Dialight products instead. Believe me, if we ever have to replace these at our own expense, we won't be putting more Truck-Lites in.

And speaking of Infinity Coach, I am told now that they are looking to sell some of their Flexsteel demo furniture as well as any take-outs from coach remodels that are in good condition. So shameless plug for our friends at Infinity: If you are looking for some good deals on furniture for your conversion or RV remodel, give them a call.

Now that we've "blown" several days backtracking to Kent and Sumner, it seems no longer practical to head around the Olympic peninsula, as had been our plan after Trawlerfest. We are now regrouping and trying to decide how to proceed from here, considering we need to be in Portland on Tuesday. One option is to head over the hills and visit our property in Mattawa, then head back west along the Columbia river valley. We should have our minds made up in the next hour or so, and then head out to battle the weekend traffic.

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