Friday, July 27, 2007


At 4am this morning, I heard the cats skittering around the bus. They were chasing what I assumed to be their usual prey, a bug. I got up to use the bathroom in the pitch dark, and George jetted out of the room. As I finished up, I heard a scrabbling sound right next to me and thought, "That's a huge bug!" Feeling very vulnerable, I got up to get my robe.

Apparently Angel was still in the throne room, and she decided to jump up on the toilet to better stalk her prey. Unfortunately, in my haste, I did not close the lid or flush. Splash! Angel ended up in the dirty toilet. Ewww! I'm sure she was much more grossed out than I was, not to mention embarrassed.

So I pulled out the mop and awakened Sean and Opal. Heck, when something disgusting happens, the whole family needs to be involved in the clean up, right? I mopped Angel's exit path to the safety of the litter box bay back to the bathroom. As I reached around the back of the toilet, there sat a trembling, terrified mouse. No wonder it was a festival of cat excitement tonight!

Neither one of us wanted to try to catch the mouse for fear of being bitten or driving it into hiding in a cabinet. We were debating which killer predator pet to send in to dispatch it when the mouse climbed straight up the Sunbrella fabric covered wall. It stopped a foot below the window. I slid the screen open, poked Mr. Mouse gently with the mop, and he scrambled to the window sill.

He paused momentarily to contemplate the 10-foot leap to freedom, then disappeared into the night. A better choice than staying in the bus with two cats, a dog, and two mop-wielding humans. This morning, he was not anywhere to be found, so I hope he survived the fall and ran back to his mousy life.

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  1. Dear Louise and Sean,
    Hope the motor repairs go smoothly. I've just caught up with July, and yet again, wish my wife and I had at least a camper to take the kids out for trips. However, that will happen someday, and in the meantime it is fun to watch your travels on your blog.

    You had me rolling with the mouse incident, reminds me of a recent morning when I was awakened by our resident mouser. My wife was on call at the fire house, so I got the honor of 'receiving' a freshly killed young critter at 5am. Miss Kitty (stray we adopted, by the time she moved in, the name had stuck) was Yowling in that loud and somewhat lonesome/hollow/plaintive tone that says 'Look what I brought you daddy!'. Knowing what that tone meant, I dutifully woke up, inspected the gift and before I could dispose of it I heard the sound of a happy cat crunching on her prey.

    Since I'm in 'blog' mode, I've got to do an update on my shop build. if you're so inclined to look. Be safe and again, hope the repairs aren't too drastic!



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