Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Free Offer for Elks Only

We just received the newest versions of the Elkdom Travel Guides, which show the Elks lodges that allow overnight RV parking.

If you are an Elk and would like our old copies of the guide, we'd be happy to send them to you, free. They are well-used, but complete. Glancing through the new ones, there have been some changes since the old ones were published, but I'd guess that 95% is the same.

First Elk to post a comment with their name and lodge number can have 'em.


  1. Well I`d like them but I don`t think I qualify...I just joined the club in Auburn and payed my 75.00 fee only to find out they do the swearing in the third Wens of the month...I`m heading to New York (Goodsam Rally, white hair tour of the city))on the 4th Sept so I have to wait till I return to qualify..At least I know there is a new one available

  2. Tell you what, John: if I don't hear from another Elk that wants the guides by Sept. 4th, you can have them. Mostly I just want to get them out of the rig.

    Send me your address at louise (dot) hornor (at) cornell (dot) edu and maybe they'll be waiting for you when you return from the GS rally.

  3. Ok Louise..I`ll email just before I leave...If no one responds by than..Thanks
    Also I may head toward your route so the campgrounds you list will come in handy for me..I also use Walmart in-route and have their Atlas so thanks for listing your camping spots...

  4. Hi Louise,
    If the guides are still available I'd like to get them. I belong to Lodge 6 in Sacramento. I'll send my email info and address to you separately.

  5. Looks like David is our winner. John, after you are initiated, send me an email and I'll point you to how to order the newest guides. You don't have to buy the whole country at once. You can start with one region, and see how much you use it before committing to the whole set.

  6. Thanks Louise
    I`ll Try the Elks first...No need bothering you if they can get me them....Any snags and I will e-mail you


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