Friday, August 17, 2007


We at at Foss Lake State Park, just north of Foss, Oklahoma (map).

Yesterday we had a pleasant drive along TX152 through Stinnett, Borger, Pampa, and Wheeler before crossing the state line. We continued east on OK152 until it turned south, where we continued straight on OK6 to Elk City. There we joined old route 66 through town, and I always enjoy driving the old route through former wayside towns. East of Elk City the old 66 grade disappears, and we had to get on I-40 for a few exits to Foss.

We stopped here because our guide said there was power, and we have a 30 amp pedestal in this space. We are in one of six campgrounds in the park, and, while the lakeside one about half a mile away is full, this one is empty -- we are the only rig here. We needed to run the A/C all night, so the power was handy, although in the heat of the afternoon, I had to drop the draw down to 25 amps to keep the breaker from popping. It would go for 20 minutes or so, then trip thermally. We had to run two A/C's when we first arrived, and that left no current for charging the batteries or anything else, but we were able to drop down to one unit overnight, and our batteries were charged up by morning.

Today we will follow I-40 eastward, although we can go a good 40 miles or so on the old 66 alignment and stay off the actual interstate. We'll get on I-40 just west of Oklahoma City, so we're not slogging through there on city streets. Also, we need to make a fuel stop, and there's a Flying-J just a couple exits after we pick up the Interstate.

Our destination tonight is Okmulgee, where Louise has long-time family friends. We'll stop by to have dinner with them, and resume our eastward trek in the morning.

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