Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Talkback Tuesday: Truckers Hate Us!

Every Tuesday is "Talkback" day, where I share what other people have to say

Last week we heard from truckers that admire Odyssey. But that's not the only thing we hear on the CB:

  • Looks uncomfortable
  • That’s one ugly lookin’ motorhome
  • That’s a deathtrap’s what it is
  • Funny lookin’
  • That’s a funky lookin’ bus
  • Did you see that weird bus? He was sittin’ right down on the ground!
What amuses me most about the comments we hear on the CB is that 95% of the truckers have southern accents. Doesn't matter if we are cruising up Interstate 5 in Oregon or driving through Albuquerque, NM, most of the radio voices have that drawl. The few local accents we hear seem to come from the men who drive the short haul routes. All the guys going coast to coast sound born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line. (There are a few females voices, but truck driving is still mainly a male world.)

We have heard some strong northern midwest and Canadian accents while driving a northern route and east coast New York/New Jersey accents near those states. But there were still plenty of southern accents in those places, too. "Y'all" seems to stick no matter where they go, but "youse guys" never make it past Ohio.

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