Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good news/Bad news

We are in the Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, at the Corps of Engineers "Canal" campground (map), just north of the canal joining Lake Kentucky and Lake Barkley. With temperatures pushing 90° when we arrived yesterday afternoon, it was nice to have some power to run the air conditioners. Based on our size and the fact that we asked for open sky to get our dish on-line, they put us in the group area, which turns out to be the nicest digs in the whole place, with wide and level concrete pads, 50-amp pedestals, and a picnic pavilion and dock right on the lake.

After we got settled in, I called the vet back in Montgomery, Illinois. The biopsy results were in, and they found no cancerous cells, leaving the diagnosis as hyperplasia. That's the really good news -- so far, the evidence is good that she may not actually have cancer. The bad news is that the splenic lesions are still a problem, with the potential to cause fatal splenic bleeding, and, of course, the anemia is still a major concern. So her spleen will need to be removed.

Fortunately, we found a great vet in Little Rock when we passed through there a month ago, and we've talked it over with him and he has agreed to do the surgery, which is now scheduled for Thursday. Our plan is to arrive there tomorrow afternoon.

After we leave here this afternoon, we'll stop by for a brief visit with some fellow bus enthusiasts in Union City, Tennessee on our way towards one of our two choices for crossing the Mississippi. Those would be the I-155 bridge west of Dyersburg, or the I-40 bridge in Memphis. We'll decide tomorrow, based on schedule and how much freeway driving we want to do.

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