Saturday, September 29, 2007

Small Space Saturday: Earphones

On Saturdays I write about strategies for living in 300 square feet

Sean and I rarely watch TV together. Usually if he is watching one of his programs, I am surfing the Internet or reading.

I'm not one of those people who can read with the sound distraction of a TV in the background. So, Sean has a very comfortable, high fidelity pair of earphones that he uses. With an adapter, he can also use the headphones to listen to music or watch videos on his computer. If we each want to listen to different music, one of us wears the headphones and the other uses the speakers.

It is important that the headphones are high quality so that Sean can use them all evening, even if I go to bed early. They don't pinch his ears, are very light weight, and don't distort the sound. The model he uses is Sony's MDR-CD180, which was highly recommended by Consumer Reports when he bought them 5-6 years ago.

I am grateful that we found an easy way for me to have quiet evenings. In all the full-timer discussions I've read, I've never heard anyone else mention an arrangement like this. Maybe most folks watch all the same TV programs together, or they don't mind the background drone. Maybe I'm the only really picky listener. In any case, this setup works very well for us and has kept peace in our living room for the three years we've been full-timing.


  1. I follow your journeys with fascination of how you live in the coach. i comments on the small space saturday because my wife and I own a Newell and I cannot fathom having everything we own in it. We have a 6500 sq foot house that has an additional 2500 sq foot of storage that is jam packed full. we actually look forward to downsizing and simplifying when the last of the kids are gone. we are going to try 6 weeks or so in the coach next summer so will get a taste of it. thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us.

    tom in az

  2. Harry and I have the same sound arrangement. He uses headphones and I can enjoy quiet to read or surf. As my hearing goes downhill (I'm OK for volume but have increasing difficulty discriminating voice from background), I appreciate quiet more and more.

    Hope you find more to enjoy in Texas -- I'm a native. Born in Houston and grew up in Columbus (on I10).



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