Thursday, October 25, 2007

Frustration Photos

If you haven't already read Sean's post from last night, start here.

Curing the window repair with our UV light. Classy, huh?

The divot and cut on the inside of the tag tire. The oval divot is about 1/2 inch deep and smooth-sided. The tire guys had never seen anything like it.

That would be these tire guys. They were great: friendly and helpful. Only their management was hesitant to work on Odyssey.

The steel belts of shame and the strange diagonal wear pattern. Can you say, "Bone-jarring ride"?

I don't have any photos of the broken sun shade, or of the non-functioning rear leveler. Just picture Sean scowling a lot, and you'll have a good sense of how those looked.

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  1. I have been reading your blog for several months. You both do a great job and provide lots of good information. My wife and I attended a one day RV seminar last Saturday at Renton Technical College. Bob Lewis was one of the speakers and during the course of his presentation affectionately referred to your rig as the "goofy bus." We have a Class C Lazy Daze. Thankfully, it has much fewer maintenance needs than your bus, but not as much room either.

    Paul Hendrickson
    Richland, WA


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