Friday, October 12, 2007

Fuzzy Friday: Pet bed photos

On Fridays I write about our pets

No earth-shattering insights today, just pictures of our animal companions in their beds. The beds are fairly new; after we got rid of the carpeting it seemed unkind to make Opal sleep on the hard floor. While I was looking at dog beds, the cat beds were so cute I had to try one of those, too.

Angel is the main user of the cat bed. As an unexpected bonus, it has been keeping the couch cleaner. Most of her fur is now in the bed.

George will sleep anywhere, but prefers whichever chair has just been vacated by a human. Extra credit if you were planning to come right back to your chair; George will have settled in and will have to be booted off. She also likes the dog bed, but since Opal isn't allowed in the cat bed, we boot George out of the dog's.

She does occasionally sleep in the kitty bed. It's a tight fit.

Opal's bed is covered in a stylish bone-shaped camouflage pattern. Who designs these things?

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