Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Galveston, oh Galveston

We are at Galveston Island State Park (map), in a "premium" space along the beach.

The park is quiet and mostly empty. Only two of the three RV loops are open, and most of the rigs are along the beach, with at least half of each loop vacant. Each space has 50-amp power and a water spigot. We parked "backwards" so as to face the gulf, and have the deck set up where we can enjoy the relatively cool evening breeze with a glass of our favorite beverage. Fortunately, I carry a 50', 50-amp extension cord, so we can reach the power outlet which is now on the opposite corner of the coach.

We arrived here Sunday afternoon, after first stocking up on groceries at a downtown Galveston Kroger. In addition to just relaxing in this beautiful place, and swimming in the pleasant gulf water, we've been sorting through all the items made obsolete by the retirement of our last "real" motorcycle. Later today I'll be taking pictures for eBay -- I'm selling the Chase Harper throw-over sport saddlebags, the big camping gear "excursion pack" from Rev-Pack, my Valentine-1 radar/laser detector (and its myriad accessories for wiring it into the bike and the helmet headset), the bike-to-bike radio setups, and my trusty Garmin GPSMAP 176C fully waterproof color mapping GPS, along with all its fancy RAM mounts.

It's a bit sad to see it all go like this, but it will definitely make more room in the bay, making it even easier to get the scooters in and out. Plus I haven't even used the Valentine in three years, and the saddlebags saw duty only once or twice in that time.

We're also systematically going through the rest of the coach and getting rid of things we haven't used in three years. Most of them are not valuable enough to make eBay worthwhile, and we're taking them to Goodwill as often as we pass one.

We are booked here through Thursday morning, when we'll head up to Channelview to visit friends. Unless, of course, we get called -- we are now watching Investigation Area 90 off the Florida Keys. If we get sent, I'm hoping it will not be until tomorrow afternoon -- I've ordered a new helmet (flip-front -- more appropriate for the scooter than my full-face), which is arriving here tomorrow by FedEx.

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