Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We are at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, near Live Oak, Florida (map).

We have friends here, with whom we had a nice visit Sunday, and we had intended to remain here through Magnoliafest, which starts Thursday. It appears we will not be able to do that -- Southern California is on fire, and the Red Cross is calling up over 2,000 volunteers. We've not yet been called, but we expect to be.

In fact, we have several calls of our own into various people to see if we should start rolling. The problem with being in Florida is that we are four days out -- a good deal of the workload on a job happens in the first 48 hours, and we will miss that regardless. We'd like to get some indication that we will still be needed by Saturday before we go, but getting anyone to commit to that in the first chaotic day of a relief operation is sometimes difficult. Since at least some of the responses to our queries may come in by email, I am also trying to leave the dish up until we hear something. If we don't get a response in the next hour or two, we'll likely head west on our own initiative.

Unfortunately, that means we will miss the festival, and also spending some more time with our friends here. But we will be back, I'm sure.

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