Thursday, November 8, 2007

Need help from our readers...

We are still on the job here in San Bernardino, which is why you are not hearing much from us. At least HQ hours have been cut back now to 7:30-6:00, so we are getting a bit more sleep.

Meanwhile, my need for a dentist is increasing in urgency. So I thought I would take advatange of my extensive audience here to see if anyone can recommend a good dentist in the neighborhood. The neighborhood, by the way, is San Bernardino, Redlands, Fontana, Riverside, and Loma Linda. Further than that will be impractical, at least until the job here is over (or runs long enough for us to get another day off).

So, if you live in the area, or know someone who does, please pass along any suggestions. I can turn up hundreds of dentists by looking on the Internet, but I'd rather have a personal recommendation.


  1. 909-,337-6227 if you can make it to Lake Arrowhead Dr. Houmand he's great

  2. Hey, guys, thanks for keeping us informed about deployment (a few posts back). We were available when the call came, but Elkhart said we were too far away, too (we were in Minnesota). It's kind of discouraging.. we were on the edge of the Florida tornadoes and the NY/NJ/VT/ME floods last year, and still no deployment. We'll keep trying, though.

    Meanwhile, we took ourselves off the ECRV operator list. There's lots of other things we can do. I may reconsider doing RTT in the future, it appears there's more demand there.

    Have fun in Baja. We spent 6 weeks there in early 2006, stayed in Bahia de Los Angeles.



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