Friday, December 14, 2007

Fuzzy Friday: Fish Water

On Fridays I write about our pets

As many of you know, Odyssey has two clean water tanks. One is the large Fresh Water tank that we use for taking showers, washing dishes, and flushing the toilet. The other is a smaller Drinking Water tank with special spigots at the kitchen and bathrooms sinks. This water is used for drinking, brushing teeth, making coffee, and topping off the fish tank.

The drinking water tank has extra filters, one of which removes chlorine. This makes safe water for the fishes, and I haven't noticed any issues with water that has been in this tank.

Until now. It's cold here in Portland, hovering around freezing each night and only getting into the low 40's during the day. The heaters are keeping the inside of the coach comfortable, but the water tanks are chilly. In order to add water to the fish tank, I'd need to fill a cup and let it stand for hours to warm up.

Fortunately, my co-workers have solved this dilemma. We have bottled water available to drink on the job, so everyone totes around a bottle. We try to write our names on the bottles so they don't get mixed up, but at the end of every day there are several half-empty, unmarked bottles in our department.

Of course no one is willing to drink out of a mystery bottle, so they've been marking them "FISH" giving them to me. The fish don't care whose lips have touched the water, the temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees, and nothing is wasted. I'll top off the tank with those bottles for weeks. It's a win-win situation.

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