Friday, January 18, 2008

A chance encounter

We are at Bullards Beach State Park, just north of Bandon (map).

We pulled in late yesterday afternoon, and did a complete circuit of the one loop that is open right now (the other two are closed for improvements, which will include upgrading the electrical from 30 to 50 amps). After which we concluded that there was exactly one available site from which we could get our dish on line, and so we took it, even though it was sandwiched between two other rigs, and most of the rest of the park was empty.

As it turns out, one of those rigs belonged to long time readers Kathy and Bert, who emailed us about that fact last night. We had a nice visit with them today, and they shared that the spot we chose has been occupied by various rigs more or less continuously over the past two weeks for exactly the same reason -- satellite access (mostly TV, I would imagine), and that they also chose their spot to get their tripod-mounted HughesNet dish on line.

After our chat Louise and I had a nice stroll down to the river. Many, many trees are down in this park, a situation which has been with us since we hit the coast in Washington. All of this is leftover damage from the tremendous storm that hit the coast back in December -- the very same one to which we responded with the Red Cross. It's incredible to see the same damage extend for hundreds and hundreds of miles along the coast -- even the Atlantic/Caribbean hurricanes are more selective.

We are continuing our slow roll towards the bay area, and I am dragging my heels here in Oregon, since we have to count up all our days in California and report them to our accountant every year. So far, we have managed to stay under the magic non-resident number each year, but we still try to stay out as long as we can.

Tonight I imagine we will be somewhere in or near Brookings.

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