Sunday, January 13, 2008


... the Cape, that is. We are at Cape Disappointment State Park, on the Washington side of the mouth of the Columbia (map). Although most of our maps still show it as Fort Canby State Park, which is what it used to be called before, I think, 2004.

We asked for a spot close to the beach, and we ended up with a whole loop all to ourselves. This is low, low season here -- most of the campgrounds we passed en route yesterday are closed for the winter, including two county parks along Willapa Bay, and even the KOA in Ilwaco. And while we passed several spots that might have been suitable for a quick night of roadside boondocking, it is generally unlawful here because of how busy things are in the summer, where weekends often find all these parks full to capacity. I have to say that we prefer the solitude of the off season.

In any case, $26 bought us full hookups, which includes 50 amps of power. That kept us toasty warm all night without burning any diesel, and the sounds of the ocean (which was pretty wild and woolly) lulled us to sleep. It's sunny this morning, and we'll go for a walk on the black sand beach before we head out.

Tonight we will be in Tillamook.


  1. It is posts like this that answer the question that lingers in the back of my head all of the time I read you.

    I know you post about the challenges of full timing in your Neoplan on purpose, and give us all the gritty details on problems and solutions. It still seems like there are so many problems.

    So the lingering question is, "Why are they doing this?"

    Then you post a post like this, and the question is answered. No one else in the world when to sleep and woke up like you did today.

    I am happy for you. Please keep posting.

    Dave Gray
    Florence, SC

  2. Howdy Louise!

    Thanks for your comments over on my blog wherein I suggested that other folks read your excellent blog. I would have done this backchannel but, alas, the only email addys that I see for y'all are now defunct.

    Keep up the good works!



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