Thursday, February 14, 2008

Auntie Em, Auntie Em

We are at the Shoshone RV and Trailer Park, in Shoshone (population 100), the southeastern gateway to Death Valley (map).

We stopped here primarily to visit our friends Jim and Pat of RV Safety Systems, who are staying here between shows (their next stop is FMCA Pomona) to partake of the nearby hot springs. Our plan had been to have dinner with them at the lone restaurant in town, the Crowbar Saloon. Those plans were interrupted, however, when the entire town lost power yesterday afternoon on account of a giant windstorm. I would estimate the sustained winds at 35mph with gusts over 60 or so.

In an episode of incredibly bad timing, the coin operated dryer is out of commission here (and has been, apparently, for a year or so) and Louise did a load of laundry which was line drying on the thoughtfully provided clotheslines -- we had to chase some of it down when the wind kicked up. Also, the left side of the coach got more or less sandblasted in the storm -- we'll have to assess the extent of the damage the next time we wash the bus, which it sorely needs.

The backup plan ended up being a frozen lasagna over at their converted Eagle bus, and we made up for the restaurant visit at breakfast this morning. We had a nice visit at both meals, with much to catch up on.

It's past checkout time, so we will leave in just a few minutes bound for Furnace Creek.

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