Monday, March 10, 2008

Video Tour of Odyssey

Five short films, each between 3 and 5 minutes long, showing you the ins and outs of Odyssey.

Part One: Overview

Part Two: Cooking, Eating & Storage

Part Three: Environmental Controls

Part Four: Water System & Pets

Part Five: Transportation, Communication & Power

Please let us know in the comments if you have any technical problems with the videos.


  1. I enjoyed that video very much!
    muchas gracias

  2. That was wonderful! I especially like the loft area in the front -- it's easy to understand why you spend most of your time there.

    I'm going to look back in the archives to find the "how Odyssey came into your lives." I want to know the "rest of the story" and am looking forward to the other segments.

    Mary Ann FOTR now in Albuquerque

  3. Great job on the video's Louise, enjoyed it mucho.

  4. Louise and Sean,

    Great tour, I had to laugh at the opening - "a big splash".

    The only shortcoming of a small screen video is that it can't show the quality and workmanship that was built in and is on going.

    Pat & Russ

  5. Very interesting! Thanks.

    Only next time, put the text at the bottom or something. It's really hard to read superimposed over the bulk of the image, and it distracts from looking at Odyssey!

  6. That's one amazing setup you guys have!!!Any idea how much your bus is worth now?

  7. Thank you very much for taking the time to put these wonderful videos together!

    It's great to really see Odyssey in action, and it's great info for my own planning and scheming about moving into a motorhome of my own.

  8. Thanks so much for the videos. I am truly inspired by all your design innovations. We can keep working on our 1982 Foretravel while we figure out how to retire AND afford diesel fuel (fry oil, perhaps).

    I love the Big Splash no matter how many times I see it.


  9. Hey Guys,
    Thanks so much for putting the videos together. You have a great "land yacht". I really appreciate the engineering that went into the design of your home. Having owned a 43ft boat I can see your manufacturing standards are on a par with high-end yachts.

  10. Great videos. Besides your great vehicle I like especially your taste in music! :-)

  11. I really love you videos. I now understand better how everything works and what it is like to live in your great motor home. What you have acheived is inspiring. Best site I have found. thanks.

    Fulltimer wannabe

  12. Some day you should head over to tour Europe and take Odyssey back to visit her birthplace. I bet the folks over there will be blown away by what you have built!


  13. This is so amazing! You guys are living my dream life.

  14. Greeting from Oklahoma, we have actually sold our photo business and are living full time in a 40' Allegro bus called "BessyBus". We are still close to Meeker Oklahoma, but not working anymore, yippee! Great movies you made Louise and you guys are still an insperation to us. Thanks and hope to see you on the road someday. Steve and Carol

  15. Amazing, amazing, amazing.
    I can think of no other words to describe the way you have everything set up. I was most surprised by the efficient litter box setup.
    I found your site through
    Happy Trails!

  16. Fantastic videos except for one very minor problem. Some of the text goes by so fast it is very hard to read.

    Also a question about the water saving recirculating system for the sinks. What controls how much water is recirculated back into the fresh tank? I was thinking of setting up a system to fast recirculate until water reached a preset temp and then have the system slow the recirculation to a trickle so that as you used the water off and on the temp would remain the same, especially in cold weather. I also am contemplating preset temp selections so the water temp would be controlled fully by the system and the water bypass occurs right by the faucet itself. Every ounce of water saved is more time in the wilderness. Maybe a floor switch instead of one on the side of the cabinet.

  17. @Tim:

    Sorry for the delay in responding; I lost track of this comment somehow.

    The answer is that the amount of water recirculated to the fresh tank is controlled simply by how long the button is held down. I do have some electronic timers and periodically think about installing them, but it seems more trouble than it is worth.

    It takes about ten seconds for hot water from the tank to reach the fixtures. We actually measured that time span once, but it can also be calculated -- our pump runs about 4gpm and the lines hold roughly a half gallon of water, figured by multiplying their cross-sectional area by their lengths.

    You could certainly make a system involving temperature sensors, but, again, seems like a lot of effort.

    Remember that, in our case at least, the water heater is not always heating (we get most of our hot water from waste heat off the main engine), so you don't want to overdo it, or you'll end up using up all your hot water, as well as heating up your whole fresh water supply.


  18. FAN-tastic videos - loved watching them!

  19. Thank you for such an illuminating look into your marvelously engineered home and the insight into your lives. Odyssey's mechanicals is an amazing set of well designed and utilized systems-a lesson in functionality! Your entertaining and enlightening blog give me wanderlust to the Nth degree. As others say so often, "hope to meet you on the road."
    May you always travel safely and with joy!

  20. Thank you for the wonderful tour... gave me some great ideas to modify our home on wheels. May have to add the hole for the cats real soon as I'm liking the idea of less odor and more foot space by moving the litterbox below.

    Safe travels...

    Wes and Kathy
    Twitter: Scrapbooks

  21. Hi! I am a retired Greyhound driver and use to own a MCI E4500 with no slides,traded it in on a MCI F3500 with 3 slides, very happy now as more living space, ( it seems) I really like your one of a kind, one Question " IS IT WEAIRD OR DIFFERANT DRIVING AT STREET LEVEL? Thanks, Bill and Gwen Eureka, Ca email:

  22. Hi! After much searching I finally found these videos again; but they aren't working anymore. Is there any way I can see these?

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. Blip-TV changed their business model and deleted all our videos. We are looking into alternative upload sites and will try to get these back up as soon as we can. We may be able to update the links on this page, but, if not, we'll post a new page and I will link to it here on this one. Stay tuned!

  23. Loved the videos, the music ... but especially loved your bus! Nice work on all counts.

  24. We just purchased a Neoplan Spaceliner 1987. The clutch went out and now we have NO IDEA where to get replacement parts. Any suggestions are welcome.

    1. Heavy Duty Parts in the UK.


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